Quick Start Guide

Romain and Towery Quick Start Guide



Username: eli-towery
Email: eli@romainecpa.net
Password: Should have received an email from WordPress with access to your password.


Your site is run through a platform called WordPress. WordPress is nearly 30% of the internet. It’s a very popular, robust platform with lots of functionality. It’s the engine that runs your site.


Divi is my preferred theme for WordPress and allows me to build your site with rows, columns, and modules on the backend as well as visually design it on the frontend.


When you login to your site, you will see your Dashboard which will include this Quick Start Guide as well as all your settings and plugins on the left-hand site. To view your live website, click “Romaine and Towery” in the top bar.

How to edit your website:

When you login, you’ll be in the Dashboard. Click “Romaine and Towery” at the top left corner.

Navigate to the page you want to edit and click “Enable Visual Builder” at the top of the page.

Hover over the area you would like to change and click the gear icon. You can edit text, design, and more in this area. To edit text, click the gear icon inside the gray box, to edit a row, click the gear icon inside the green box, and to edit a section (where your backgrounds are), you’ll want to click the gear inside the blue box.

When you’re done, click the green checkbox.

Go to the bottom and click on the purple circle, then click “Save” in the lower right-hand corner.

Contact Section:

At the bottom of each page is the contact section. This is a “Global” section which means if you edit it on one page, it will change on every page. This is to save you time in case you ever need to make changes to this section.

Contact Form:

Your site includes a contact form. Whenever someone completes this the information will be stored in two places.

First, an email will be sent to you from Romaine and Towery Website with the subject New Message From Romaine and Towery.

Second, the entries are all stored within your website. To view these, go to your Dashboard and click Divi DB. You will then see all your entries. Click on them to see them or you can click in the red indicated bar above to visit or mark all as read.

You can also export all entries by clicking Export under Divi DB on the left side. Contact Us will automatically be selected then click “Export Form.” Then click Download CSV File once it’s complete. You can then open it in Excel or similar program.

To edit your form, go to the contact page and click Enable Visual Builder. Hover over the form and click the gray gear icon. You can then edit each specific field, design of the form itself, who receives the email, etc.

To edit a current field, click on the gear icon next to the field. You can change the Field ID (what you see in your database), Title (what you see on the website), as well as the design. To add a new field, go back out to the Contact Form Settings and click the duplicate icon next to field. That way the new icon will have all the same design settings as the others. You can also drag the fields to where you wan them to be within the form.

To edit who gets notified when someone completes the form, scroll down under the fields and open the email tab.

Add Users:

In your Dashboard, find Users on the left-hand side, hover over it and click Add New. Give the person a username, email, First and Last Name. You don’t have to worry about adding a website. Make them an Editor and click “Add New User.” After this the person will receive an email to create a password and will then be able to login and make edits. Keep in mind the email may go to the person’s Spam or Junk folder in their email. The email will be from WordPress.

More Help?

These are the basics to help you edit your site. If you ever run into issues or have questions, do not hesitate to call or email me. Also, I will have regular backups of your site so if you ever feel you’ve messed up the site and need to revert back to a recent backup, just let me know and I can roll back the site.